If you’re traveling on a tighter budget, then some of the more deluxe destinations around the world might seem closed off to you. However, that’s not entirely true. The Cayman Islands are well known for luxury accommodation, gorgeous beaches, great food, and fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling, but they actually offer a little more wiggle room than you might think. Here’s how to get a lot more out of your island adventure for a lot less.

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Getting there

Flights are one of the most expensive parts of the vacation, but the good news is that the Caymans offer quite a lot of choice. There are four airports on the islands, for one thing. If one airport is too expensive, you might be able to take another through price comparison sites and hop on a ferry that goes from island to island to arrive at the hotel. A 25-minute trip to one island to the other isn’t expensive at all.

Your own little haven

The Caymans have their fair share of gorgeous, expensive hotels but you are by no means required to stay there. Instead, it can actually be much more convenient to rent a villa especially if you are traveling in a group. Rental cost ranges aren’t too high, and many of these accommodations are nestled right up to the coast so you aren’t going to be in the middle of nowhere. You may not get all the room service and catering done for you, but you can still enjoy a luxury looking pad for a lot less.

Making your way around

One of the greatest things about the islands is that, due to their size, many of the attractions are within walking distance from one another. As mentioned, the ferries are relatively cheap, too. Car rental companies tend to be a cheaper option if you’re making use of the roads, however, costing less than relying on taxi services.

Sampling a taste

With all that fresh seafood and a plethora of colorful cocktails to try, it should be no surprise that the food on the islands is highly rated. Food (and alcohol, especially) can be quite expensive, however, so you want to stick to well-loved budget options like the Big Tree BBQ and the West Bay Diner to keep your prices down. The food might not be four-star restaurant recipes, but it’s well cooked with the more popular spots having a lively atmosphere to make it all the tastier.

Sit back and relax

The Caymans are full of attractions but if you don’t want to spend too much, then your best bet is simply to enjoy all the sights and fun to be had at the beach. On our Caribbean Cruise, we spent the entire port day in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, by just chilling at the Seven Mile Beach. Renting a paddleboard or snorkeling gear is much cheaper than most of the other attractions and you can explore an amazing diversity of life including gorgeous coral reefs. This is exactly what we did!

While every vacation has costs, you can slash the price of enjoying an idyllic island paradise like the Caymans way down with the tips above. Hopefully, the tips here help you keep any holiday within your budget, too, regardless of where you go.


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Luxe for Less in The Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands: Luxe for Less