In the daily humdrum of the busy, hurried lives that we lead today, romance and that shared togetherness often tends to take a backseat. We seem to be so caught up in the rush of life, that we forget to take some time out with our partners and truly unwind. When was the last time you and your partner experienced something special together? I’m not talking about sharing the couch with your partner and Netflix(ing) & Chill(ing)! No, pls! I’m talking about enjoying each other’s company in a different, carefree environment, making new memories. Maybe a romantic vacation? Sometimes, just a weekend away together can bring the magic back into any relationship and work wonders to bring you closer to your partner. Time alone, away from the stress and worries of daily life, is sometimes all that you need to feel a little bit of normality again. Everybody needs a little romance after all. Next time you’re planning a romantic getaway, you might want to give these ideas a whirl.


Camping is one thing, but glamping is a whole new kettle of fish. As the word suggests, it’s a glamorous version of camping. Glamping puts a touch of style and class into camping, and I feel it generally makes the whole experience a lot more romantic. You’ll find there are plenty of glamping sites with pre-made teepees and bell tents set up. I’ve been eyeing El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas for quite sometime but it’s a little too expensive.

I realized if you want to make it on your own to make things a little less expensive, it really isn’t hard. All you need is a spacious tent. One bedroom and a living room area will be fine. In the bedroom, you need a nice comfy double blow up bed. There are ones specifically designed for your comfort! I really like this. Finish the bed off with a thick double duvet and the bedroom is sorted. Then you’re definitely going to need a gas cooker and a generator. There are plenty of portable generator reviews so you can check to see if you’re buying the right one for your needs. In the living room, set up a portable coffee table and some pillows dotted all around. The portable table gives you a nice indoor area to eat from, and the pillows help to make it feel all comfy. I love this daybed too! Outside, you could collect some small rocks in a circle, grab some firewood and build a mini campfire to cozy up to at the end of a day filled with fun. Most campsites usually have tons of adventurous activities like hiking and bike trails for you to do during the day.

City Break

A city break is a lovely way to get away. If you’re going on the weekend, I suggest making it a long weekend to make sure there is no rush. Wherever you are, I’m sure there are cities around you that have been touted as “romantic”. For instance, during our days in London, the Husband and I once took a much needed break and went to Rome. What can I say about Rome! It is literally a city filled with love, and one that captured our hearts instantly. There’s so much to do there as well. We of course saw all the obvious sights like the Vatican, Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. But the most romantic and fun part was wandering around the city, walking down a few side streets and getting lost. We found some lovely home run cafes, restaurants, and bars, all of which had that rustic Rome feeling that captures the hearts of people. And we found the loveliest bed & breakfast in the heart of the city. Another time, we took a weekend trip to the university town of Cambridge in the UK and made beautiful memories exploring the city and punting in the river. Now that we’re in the US, we’re thinking of taking a weekend trip to another gorgeous city – Savannah in Georgia. 

Ideas for Romantic Weekend Getaways

So you can pick a city that’s perfect for your personality type and suits your common interests.


I feel staycations are perfect when you can’t seem to decide on a particular place or even to break the monotony of visiting similar places, exploring them in the same way. For instance, I like adventure, and then some solitude, and maybe follow it with a road trip and then spend a weekend in the countryside. It’s good to mix things up. Staycations are great because you don’t even really need to venture out of your city. There is nothing quite as relaxing as packing a bag and heading to a resort or Inn in the city and vegging out. And there is no dearth of choices. You can pick the most luxurious or a budget friendly property. Staycations give you a chance to learn about your neighborhood or about yourself and your partner. Which ever route you choose, you would be surprised at how many options you have out there.

What is your favorite romantic getaway? Tell me in the comments below.

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Ideas for Romantic Weekend Getaways