If you’re reading this, you probably agree that travel is spectacular. It can educate you in ways a classroom never could. That’s why many of us choose to spend our twenties traveling. This is a stage when you only have to please yourself, after all. By now, you’re done with education, and you’ve got a while until you’re ready to settle down. Why wouldn’t you visit as many destinations as you can?

But, it is worth bearing the future in mind. If you aren’t careful, this traveling lifestyle could stop you from ever being able to settle down. While that might sound ideal now, there will come a stage where you need a home base to feel grounded. We all want somewhere to belong, after all, and a life on the road could leave you lacking.

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That’s why it’s worth making sure your travels don’t hold you back later. To help you, here’s a look at three fatal travel mistakes, and how you can turn them around now.

You’re away so often you can’t stay still

If you spend a large portion of your year away, you may find that you get itchy feet the moment you stick around. A few months in one place could see you with cabin fever like you wouldn’t believe. And, that can become a problem. You can’t take multiple trips each year for the rest of your life. To make sure this doesn’t set you back, make an effort to ground yourself in one place. Find things which keep your satisfied there. Remember, as well, to enjoy stillness sometimes. Come home and focus on your life for a while, rather than always looking to the next big trip.

You’re maxing your credit cards to afford your travel

Travel doesn’t come cheap. It’s a good job there’s such a thing as credit cards. That way, you can head off whenever you fancy. The trouble is, paying the minimum on your bills is a sure way to destroy your credit rating. If that happens, you’ll struggle to ever secure a home for yourself. If you’ve already done a fair amount of damage here, read up on things like these Self Lender reviews so that you can work on building yourself back up. Then, put the credit cards away, and get into the habit of only booking trips which you can afford upfront.

You’re struggling to find a regular income

By the end of your twenties, you’re probably hoping to have a regular income. At the moment, though, that goal seems so far out of reach it’s ridiculous. The fact is that your jobs are stop gaps between trips. A full-time, ongoing position wouldn’t suit your lifestyle. Or, would it? At some stage, you’re going to need a reliable income. That’s why you should consider options like freelancing. This would allow you to work your way around the world. It may seem a chore now, but you’ll be glad for that regularity as you get older.