When it comes to exploring Australia, many travelers are reluctant to settle for an extended break in one spot. They attempt to cram as many places into their visit as possible, spending one or two days in one city before moving on. While you can’t blame them for wanting to take in as much of this magical land as possible, sometimes you really can have a better time by dedicating yourself to one location and truly making the most of it. Remember that you can always come back to visit other places later down the line! So, if you’re going to visit just one place in Australia, it’s advisable that you make this the Whitsunday Islands. Here are just a few fun things that the islands have to offer!


The Whitsunday Islands tend to top the rankings of best places to sail in Australia. The waters are relatively clear, there’s little swell, and there are plenty of brilliant places to moor if you are sailing your own vessel. However, you don’t necessarily have to be a pro sailor to make the most of hitting the waters in a boat. Why not book a chartered trip around the islands? Different boats can cater between one and seventy-five guests, so you could keep it small scale or even craft an event of this activity! Whatever you want, there will be something to suit your needs. Find out more at https://www.sailfree.com.au/cms/whitsundays-bareboat-charter/.

Beach Days

While it’s always fun to instill a sense of adventure and action into your break, the majority of us want to come home at the end of our vacation feeling relaxed and recuperated. The best way to go about achieving this? Beach days. Just picture it – lying back on a sun lounger, basking in the sunshine, a copy of your favorite novel in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? The good news? Along with stunning waters, the Whitsunday Islands also have an abundance of soft sand beaches. The most popular is perhaps Whitehaven Beach. The sands here have an extremely high silica content, making them soft, powdery, and exactly what you want to step out onto when you’re searching for comfort and luxury. The area feels clean, and many visitors note that they can’t help but stop and take picture after picture of the astounding landscape. Just be careful during Stinger season, as you don’t want to end up getting stung by a jellyfish!

Whether you prefer staying on land or taking to the seas, the Whitsunday Islands will have some sort of break to suit your needs perfectly. If you like, you could combine the two and experience the best of both worlds!

I quite like the idea of spending an extended period of time really getting to know one spot rather than hopping from one area to another without ever really experiencing each place’s true essence. How about you?