This is the first post of my seven-part Alaska Cruise series.

I’m so excited to share that we are headed to Alaska for our second cruise in a couple of weeks! We’re embarking on a 7-day Alaskan Cruise with Princess Cruises and my head is already spinning with ideas on what to pack. When I come to think of it, all of our major vacations in the past two years have been to moderate or tropical locations (California, Las Vegas, Florida, Caribbean Cruise), and we live in Texas which isn’t very cold either. So we are really looking forward to experiencing a different climate. I’m a bit lost on what to pack though! My usual suitcase full of swim suits and beach dresses is not going to cut it for this trip. Here’s what I have come up with so far on what to bring on an Alaskan cruise.

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First let’s start with the most important aspect – shopping my closet. I plan to pack some of the sweaters, jeans, jackets, and shoes that I already own. My closet is missing some of the essentials I’ll need for this trip up north though. During our port days, we plan to be active and do excursions like whale watching, glacier hiking, dog sledding etc. And night temperatures can dip pretty low, which means bundling up. So I’ll need lots of layers, practical shoes, and some really warm outerwear. Also, since we’ll be sailing from Seattle and we plan to spend a day and a half there, I need to take into account the rain. Here are four main items I’m planning to buy for this trip.

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I want a pair of boots that will keep my feet dry, nice and toasty. I’m not a huge fan of rain boots so I want something that will be practical yet stylish. For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to buy the red wellies from Hunter but somehow I can’t seem to convince myself to spend big bucks on a pair of wellies. Thankfully, I’ve found a substitute which is equally good and comes at half price (if there are two things I can’t resist it’s red and a discount).

I’ve popped a few more good ones below (the images are clickable): Option #1 is my first choice

There are good chances of rain both in Alaska and Seattle during the month we’re traveling, I want to be prepared just in case. I’m looking for a lightweight jacket for a little warmth, and a shield against the weather. I want something in a fun color or print that I will also wear after our trip.

I have one short ultra light down jacket already, but the rest of my jackets/coats are too long and formal to wear with hiking boots. I’m on the hunt for a really warm water proof jacket that will help me survive the cold during my glacier hike and dog sledding excursions and something that I love enough to wear after our trip.

I also need a sturdy pair of winter hiking boots that are also water proof. I like option #1 below because I’ll also be able to wear it during winter months back in Texas.

I’m shopping out of season for this trip (right now stores are stocked with summer clothes), so I’m curious to see what I wind up with. It could mean scoring some amazing deals, but it also could be difficult to find things in my size. For dinner on the ship I’m planning to stick with what’s already in my closet – mostly nice dresses with a long wool coat, and possibly tights depending on the temperature.

Have you ever been on a cruise to Alaska? What do you recommend packing?

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Shopping for My Alaska Cruise #alaska #cruise #travelstyle #packingtips #packing #alaskacruisepacking

Shopping for My Alaska Cruise #alaska #cruise #travelstyle #alaskacruisepacking #packingtips #cruisetips

Alaska Cruise Packing: Don't Forget To Pack These 4 Must-Haves #alaska #cruise #alaskacruise #cruisetips #packing #alaskacruisepacking