Looking to get away from it all this year? Then consider a camping holiday. Unlike the stresses of a holiday abroad – airports, tourists, unfamiliar cuisines – deciding to pitch up a tent somewhere may just be what you need for both your mental and physical health needs. So, whether you do it alone or with family or friends, here are some of the health benefits that a camping holiday can offer you.

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The air is fresh and clean

It’s you and the great outdoors, with no pollution in the air to spoil your holiday. Not only that, but you are surrounded by plants and trees, which produce all the oxygen you need to freshen up both your lungs and your mind. Blissful!

There are opportunities for physical exercise

Not only is this good for your body, but physical exercise is also great for your mental health. Compounded by the natural beauty of the area surrounding you, you need no other incentive to get off your lazy behind and into some kind of physical activity. Swim in a lake, go for a cycle ride, hike a mountain, climb a few trees, roll down a hill… there are so many things to do, and you’ll have great fun while doing them.

You can switch off from stress

Life is stressful, but a camping is a great way to put those stress causing agents in your life behind you for a little while. There is less opportunity to use your smart devices, so you are less likely to be reminded about those things that bother you at home. You are reconnecting with nature, which is a healthy way to put your life in perspective. You have time to unwind and de-stress, with less noise to distract your relaxation. It’s just you and nature (unless you brought people with you), far away from the rigors of modern routine life.

You will get a better night’s sleep

Being surrounded by natural light (rather than the incandescent light of your TV and smartphone), you have a better chance of getting a more restful sleep. That, plus the fresh air and exercise you will be taking in each day, you will find getting to sleep easier each night when you finally hit the pillow. You also get the bonus of a melodious birdsong to wake you up in a much more peaceful way than the troubling sound of traffic and alarm clocks from your life at home.

The outdoors can alleviate depression

There are many reasons for this. Just being outdoors is enough to lift your mood, but exercise, the healthy air, lack of distractions, and the opportunity to sleep better, are other reasons why you should find yourself being lifted out of any depression you have been suffering from. Being outdoors is about enjoying the simple things in life, so you don’t have to worry about conforming to modern civilization, and all the effects that can have on your mood, either.

You will learn new skills

Having the opportunity to improve your knowledge is great for your brain and your self-esteem. You will learn how to pitch a tent, light a fire, cook a campfire meal and much more. Using a solar blanket from 4WD Supacentre to charge any essential equipment you need, you can then utilize what nature has to offer to improve your outdoor wilderness skills.

So, having considered why camping is great for your health, the only thing you need to do now is find a place to visit. The great outdoors is open to you, with the opportunity to pitch a tent virtually anywhere, without the expense or the stress of those other holiday destinations often populated by selfie-taking tourists.

Where are you pitching your tent next?

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