Does the title of the post sound like an oxymoron to you? Back in time I would have thought so too. V and I have never really appreciated the idea of package holidays, staycations etc. We have always liked to plan our own trips rather than have a travel company do that for us. When we travel to a place, we like to really explore it in every sense of the word – cuisine, history, visit lesser known places, talk to locals, and in other words, be a traveler and not a tourist. Back in time, we would have scoffed at anybody who suggested a cruise vacation as an ideal getaway for a young couple. Beginning of this summer when we were looking at various options for a vacation, we stumbled upon the idea of taking a cruise. But we were really apprehensive about it. We thought we might get bored aboard a cruise ship and also that we won’t get to really explore a place. But of course, we were so wrong. Today, cruising is our favorite kind of holiday. Read on to know what changed us.

Here are a few pictures from our latest cruise, aboard Carnival Freedom, along with our top reasons for youngsters, honeymooners, and adventure-seekers to consider cruises:


When previous trips have left you sick of packing and unpacking luggage, of dragging large bags over cobblestones, and of carrying them up staircases that never end (we have done all of this), cruises can look good. Shipboard closets are reliably large and come with drawers. I unpack once and that’s it. And after a few days of walking six to seven hours on land, I find that returning to my stateroom really does feel like going home. In short, it’s like a moving hotel. And then there’s the balcony — good for private moments with the ocean.

Top Reasons To Go On A Cruise

Our cabin with a balcony on Carnival Freedom


The thrill of waking up to a new place everyday is the best part of a cruise to me. I feel cruises are the best way to explore unheard of places or places that are otherwise a little difficult to access. Cruise gives you an opportunity to explore several cities, countries, destinations in one voyage. Some people might argue that a day is not enough to explore a city, but we feel a cruise gives you a sample of the place, and if you love it, you can always go back.

Top Reasons To Go On A Cruise

Montego Bay, Jamaica


Top Reasons To Go On A Cruise

Cozumel Island in Mexico


Cruise is a real adventure – and you decide what peak you are going to conquer this time on your own, whether it will be a glacier in Alaska, a mind-blowing waterfall in Jamaica or an underwater museum in Cancun.

Top Reasons To Go On A Cruise


Instead of having to plan your own ground transportation, excursions from the ship can take you directly where you want to go and get you back on time. Plus, all arrangements are made for you in advance, so there are no lines or waiting for hot-ticket tourist attractions. The number of itineraries is so great that everyone can find something special for themselves.

Top Reasons To Go On A Cruise

Rum punches on board the catamaran during our snorkeling excursion in Montego Bay, Jamaica ????


This is our favorite part about cruises – endless dining options. While the buffets and 24×7 dining options are great, the sit-down dinners in the formal dining rooms are the real icing on the cake. Food is tasty, well-presented, and portions perfect. You can order all the food you can eat. The menu is crammed with the most delicious offerings. You also get to try some rare finds.

The best part? All your meals are included in the price of the cruise (even the tips), so you don’t have to worry about footing the bill or tipping servers.

Top Reasons To Go On A Cruise

‘Elegant Night’ dinner on Carnival Freedom


Contrary to popular belief, cruises offer great value for the budget-conscious vacationer. You get accommodation with fabulous views, superb dining options, Broadway-style shows, access to numerous gyms, jaccuzzis, and saunas included in one fantastic package.

Also, you know the cost of your vacation in advance. Barring all elective expenditures off of the ship (or alcohol on board) you know exactly what you are spending before you even disembark which is both nice for the pocketbook and makes budgeting for the trip easier.

Top Reasons To Go On A Cruise

My favorite spot on Carnival Freedom


If you’re a social person, cruises are a great way to make new friends. Shows, competitions, cooking or dance classes, and just lying by the pool – all of that gives you great opportunities to make new friends.

There you go – our top reasons why you should consider a cruise holiday. So far I’ve managed to convert a lot of my friends.

We have already booked our next cruise to Alaska. I hope you’ll be booking your cruise holiday soon. ????

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Top Reasons To Go On A Cruise

Top Reasons To Go On A Cruise