A honeymoon isn’t just any vacation you go on – it is The Vacation – one that you and your partner will reminisce about for many years to come. It’s also the much anticipated break after months, maybe years, of wedding planning. For many couples, its the trip of a lifetime – the first long, epic trip you’ll take together. While it sounds all heavenly, honeymoon planning can get stressful if you don’t take all the important aspects into account. From my own experience, I’ve put together some tips for any newly-weds-to-be hoping to plan the ultimate honeymoon.

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Plan Early

With all the planning that goes into a wedding, it’s easy to leave honeymoon planning until the last minute, but this could have a negative impact on the quality of your holiday as you’ll be scrambling around for any last minute deals that are left. You also want to leave enough time for passports, visas and vaccinations which can all take several months to organize. If you’re hoping to go on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding, start planning early alongside your special day. The ideal time to start planning your honeymoon would be 6-8 months in advance, especially if you’re planning to go to a honeymoon special resort.

Consider The Time of Year

When choosing a destination, think carefully about the time of year that you plan to go away. Peak seasons such as summer and Christmas may come with large crowds and higher prices. If you’ve planned your wedding for this time of the year, consider possibly delaying your honeymoon a couple months so that you can have a more intimate and affordable vacation. Yes, you read that correct. You don’t have to leave for your honeymoon straight after your wedding. This happens only in movies – the happy couple drives straight from their wedding reception to the airport for their honeymoon. Most people will admit that it’s best to give yourself some time between the hectic wedding ceremonies and your big trip.

Know What You Want

You have to be specific with what you want your vacation to be like. You here means you as a couple and not you as an individual. Don’t forget this is a honeymoon you’re planning! It’s important to consider the interests and inclinations of both you and your partner’s interests and inclinations. For instance, my honeymoon would not have been epic if one of us was looking for relaxation while the other was all about adventure. Talk it out with your fiance about what you both really want. Is it an exotic destination, a luxury resort, an island known for its natural beauty, a faraway foreign country, a holiday soaked in history and culture, or a thrilling adventure trip!


Also, don’t do the mistake of copying someone else’s honeymoon itinerary. Your friends may have had a great time at an all-inclusive resort, but that might be a damper for your adventurous spirit. This is your big trip; tailor it to suit your interests as a couple.

Work Together

For maximum happiness, you’ve got to trust me on this – honeymoon planning done together will be as much fun as the actual vacation. Look at it as the first opportunity to do something together, as a couple. This will also ensure that the honeymoon is not tailored to just one person’s desires and interests, which is a recipe for disaster.

Set Aside An Appropriate Budget

Weddings are a costly affair and might leave you with little for your honeymoon. You need to think about it this way – a wedding ceremony lasts for about 6-8 hours (okay, 6-8 days if it’s a big fat Indian wedding!). On the other hand, how long does a honeymoon last? Typically, a honeymoon would be for somewhere between 10 to 15 days! Which one do you think you’ll remember more? It’ll be sad if what you really want for your honeymoon is a week at a beach luxury resort but can actually afford only five nights in a two or three-star hotel. You know you won’t cherish it. A good idea would be to create a ‘Honeymoon Fund’. But at the same time, don’t do the mistake of spending everything on your honeymoon (above your means), and then come back to a miserable reality. The keywords here are – plan, budget, save.

Look For Couples Hotels

Couples hotels are likely to be more romantically themed and could give you the peaceful break that you’re after without screaming kids around the pool. Such hotels may even have romantic themed activities and excursions to offer. Sites like https://couplesresorts.co.uk/ are great place to look for these types of hotels.

Throw In Some Surprises

When booking a honeymoon, consider surprising one another along the way. For instance, rather than taking a regular airport transfer, why not upgrade to a limousine? Sites like https://www.bergenlimo.com/services/airport-car-limo-service/ can provide more information on such services. You could also book a surprise romantic meal for your other half, or book some kind of surprise activity. Such surprises will maintain that romantic spark between you.

How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon Getaway

A tip here: Pricey or full-day activities are best to be discussed, but things like a couple’s massage or scheduling a special surprise dinner are great ways to add a bit of excitement to your vacation.

Plan New Activities That Neither Of You Have Tried

A honeymoon deserves to be memorable and the best way to ensure this is to try new things that will leave a lasting impact. Don’t just go to a familiar vacation spot so that you can do the things you usually do – try experimenting with new activities that will make it a more exciting trip. It could be something as adventurous as bungee jumping or sky diving, if that’s right up your alley. After all, who says a honeymoon has to be certain way! And for most couples, a mix of adventure and relaxation makes for a perfect honeymoon.

How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon Getaway

Us, after our first sky dive in Queenstown, New Zealand.

You can also soak up new experience by visiting new places, trying new foods and getting new cultural experiences. Trying new activities will also allow the two of you to learn new things about one another – marriage isn’t the final hurdle and you’ve still got years to let your relationship grow and discover new things about one another. This guide https://www.idiva.com/photogallery-relationships/10-romantic-things-to-do-on-a-vacation/11998 has an example of several activities to try on a romantic vacation.

Your honeymoon is an incredibly powerful way to connect as a couple. By following these tips and with a little planning, you can ensure it turns out to be the perfect vacation like none other! But don’t forget to have fun along the way!

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