Who doesn’t love traveling? Who doesn’t find it thrilling to feel the wind blow on their back while they face a brand new horizon, a horizon never seen before, a horizon that holds the promise of many more adventures to come? The answer is nobody – did it even need saying?

So when you yourself love to travel, it’s easy to understand why travel could be the perfect gift for your special someone, be it family, a close friend or a relative. Giving someone an adventure that clears their mind up and refuels their body with energy is one of the most meaningful presents you can give. It easily beats all the bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates you can think of – even the really expensive ones. The gift of travel is a gift that keeps on giving. The memories, the inspiration, the many new Instagram followers that ensue the upload of exciting and exotic landscapes, and finally the many stories one can tell. Travel can truly prove to be a life-changing gift, one the recipient will thank you forever! If you ace the process, you can become the reason someone lived their dream of cruising through the Caribbean, or watching whales in Alaska, or spending a day with fascinating Llamas!

I agree it can be a slippery slope, but it’s worth the effort. That’s because experiences lead to greater levels of happiness than material things do.

Here’s how to give the gift of travel.

Surprise them with something they love

There’s no need to look for distant destinations when you already know your friend’s passion. Someone who’s enthusiastic about entertainment or sports events would be over the moon to receive Australian Open tickets if they love tennis, or tickets to attend a ComicCon event about their favorite TV show. Passions can be expensive, especially with several branded items related to the most popular sports, fictional characters or even social community. So, you can be sure that your gift will be best received and greatly appreciated. A word of warning, though. Not all passions are shared. If your friend loves tennis and you can’t stand the idea of watching a match, for instance, make it clear that the tickets are not intended for them to take you along.

Go on a tandem journey together

How about using the gift to reconnect with a relative or a friend? Indeed, with time, it doesn’t matter how much you care for the people around you, life can push you away from the people you love. You’re too busy to sit down and have an honest catch up with them. You might feel as if you don’t know each other anymore. So, why not surprise them with a trip together? You can read the story of this woman who took her mom on a trip to Europe and managed to change their already good relationship into something even closer.

Broaden their horizons after a hard time

Or maybe you have a friend who is going through a hard time. A friend who has come to realize that their partner wasn’t the right person for them, for instance, needs to find their balance in life. Traveling offers a new perspective to the world. It gives people the time to think about themselves and the time to discover what they really want to do. Especially after a long relationship, being able to create new memories and build a new life without a previous partner can help the soul to recover.

In short, bring a smile to someone’s face with the gift of travel. For entertainment addicts or as a way to rediscover your bond with someone special, travel can fulfill many dreams.