The more money you can save on a trip, the more often you will be able to have a vacation. It’s pretty simple! Vacations don’t always need to be long ones, sometimes just a few days will recharge your batteries for everyday life. But traveling can get really expensive if you don’t plan properly. After years of traveling around the world, from long vacations to weekend getaways, here are my top tips on saving money while traveling:

Travel When No One Else Is

This might sound silly and you could well be thinking how are you supposed to know when other people are traveling. However, there are vacation seasons where everything becomes more expensive because of the demand. Travel outside of the vacation seasons and you will straight away save a lot of cash. You can usually find cheaper flight tickets and hotel rooms if you travel in the off season. This is often when the schools are still in session so travel is off the charts for family travelers.

Avoid The Resorts

You will save a fortune on accommodation if you steer clear of vacation resorts, like the ones at You will also see more of local life, and find that often the small towns outside of resorts have a very friendly population.

Book directly with the hotels to save even more money. You can check them out first on comparison sites, but then contact them yourself. This can sometimes amount to a savings of as much as $50 a night.

Take Care With Budget Airlines

Budget airlines’ fares can sound a lot cheaper, but then they will charge for so many other things on top, for instance baggage. This can sometimes mean you end up paying more than you would have done on a non-budget airline, and you need to look closely if your trip involves a flight.

Make Your Own Way

Organized excursions can be great and convenient, but they can also be expensive. There is often local transport to most landmarks, and making your own way can save you some extra cash.

In some cities, you will find walking tours of interest, and these are often run by students trying to earn some cash. They tend to cover all the local places of interest, with explanations of why they are so well known. I can tell you this out of experience that often the best tours you can get in a city are absolutely free. If you’re looking at exploring a city on foot, you could also look for a walking map online and do a self-guided tour. 

Deals To Save Money On Food

Food can be one of the biggest expenses for anyone on vacation. After all, you are away for a break so do not want to be cooking as you would at home. Restaurant meals do not come cheap though unless you look around for the deals to save you money on food, like this great Uber Eats promo at Again, avoid the tourist locations as well because their prices are always higher.

Time When You Book

It’s not an urban myth that there’s a best time to book flights. There does not seem to be a logical reason, but the time of the weak you book flights and hotel seems to affect the price you pay. For instance, statistics show that if you book a flight during a weekend, you are likely to pay 19% less then booking that same flight midweek.

Save Wherever You Can

When you are traveling, you do not want to ruin your vacation by counting every cent, but by the same token, you should make sure you do not pay over the odds for anything either. If it is something you have not purchased before, check the price out in more than one store, you may just find a huge variation in price.

What are your tips for saving money while traveling?