The perfect dinner party definitely does exist, and more importantly, so does a terrible one. Some of you really might not worry about who you are having over for dinner, what you’re going to cook, and how the night is going to go. For some of you, it’s more about just spending the time with the people who you have invited round. But, everyone is a judger, and even those closest to you are likely to judge what the night is like. Some are secret food critics, some will pass judgement on the drinks you buy and use, and some will comment on the flow of the night. You never know, a truly terrible dinner party could mean the people you have invited will never come round again! So, here’s how you can create the perfect dinner party to please anyone!

The Food

The food is where people are most likely going to pass comment the most, and there’s one big golden rule that people forget. If you are going to cook some food for a group of people, you have to ask them what they don’t like. Some people will cook a beautiful salmon for people who simply can’t stand the taste of fish. Something simple like a homemade pizza, hand cut chips, and fresh Mediterranean salad would be nice. If you were cooking for a big group of people, perhaps for a party, you could have a look at outdoor pizza oven rental for that idea. It creates a really authentic Italian vibe, and the pizza just tastes so much better. The other golden rule is to make everything fresh. It might mean putting in a little bit more effort, but sometimes it’s just worth it.  The people who you are cooking for will also most likely be able to tell whether it’s fresh or not, and we guarantee there’s always one person who will point out when it’s not!

The Drinks

Sometimes it’s nice to just relax with a bit of drink, and there’s nothing better that’s going to get the good vibes flowing. If you want to make it the perfect dinner party, you could combine the drinks with the entertainment. You could do a little cocktail masterchef, or you could play some drinking games. The latter won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so make sure you’re asking first. There are plenty of guides on the internet if you feel as though your guests would like the drinking games however.

The Entertainment

We’ve spoke about the entertainment in terms of some games you can play, but that’s not all that the entertainment is going to be. You have to make sure you’re a good host who is keeping their guests entertained. Always make sure the conversation is flowing, and some music on in the background to keep the mood light. Some of you reading this will have a hot tub as well, so for bonus points you could make sure that is sorted for the night.

What are some of your must-dos for a hit dinner party? Let me know in the comments below.