The world truly does await you, you just might not be doing anything about it. If you lack that burning desire to explore the world, then I’m going to try and light a fire for you. I love travel, and I think everyone reading this blog should do too. Because there’s just so much to see and do in the world, that all of the time in your life wouldn’t be enough to see all the amazing sights. Every country that you could possibly visit has something unique to offer. A new experience, new culture, new foods… the list could go on. So, rather than planning what you’re going to have for dinner tonight, get planning where you’re going to travel next. Because with the world waiting for you, all you’re doing is wasting precious time to not go and see it!

Do It For The Greater Good

If you’re not going to travel for yourself, why not do it for the greater good. You could embark on an epic challenge whilst raising money for charity. For example, in Costa Rica there is a coast to coast cycle challenge that raises hundreds of pounds for a good cause. Although cycling in the heat of Costa Rica would be a new challenge, you’ll have beautiful views, and you can get a little holiday out of it too. Or of course, you could go and do some volunteering abroad. Whether it be in a school, an animal sanctuary, or even a hospital. It’s something a little different that not many people chose to do. Plus, it’s more long term. You could go for as long as you want, some people do six months to a year, and some people just do a few months to do their bit in helping those less fortunate.

Find Your Traveling Style

If you’re not used to traveling, then you really do need to find your style as it were. Whether you’re into cruises, or flying around the world is the first decision you need to make. Cruises are really good because you can visit multiple countries at once, but you obviously don’t get as much freedom to stay and explore. Traveling by plane is obviously more expensive, but you have plenty of freedom. Then you need to decide whether you like city breaks, beach holidays, or icy fun! If you like a bit of everything, then you have a lot of traveling freedom!

One Country At A Time

Take your time to see the world. Don’t rush to see all of the countries you possibly can in a small amount of time. You want to be able to spend enough time in each country to really experience what it’s like. If you’re going for a beach holiday, 10 days should be fine. If you’re going for a city break, one week is enough. If you’re going long haul, I’d recommend 14 days or more as you really do need time to get over the jet lag!

Where are you planning to head next?