Getting paid to travel, that has got to be a dream for many, right? But it can be a reality, or at least earning money when you travel, sooner rather than later. Because of the improved technology that we have, relatively inexpensive flights or ways to travel, plus a changing and unpredictable job market, we are seeing more and more ‘digital nomads’ than ever before.

The blogging industry is changing this in many ways, as well as more people deciding to go it alone, work for themselves, and take their laptops anywhere with them. But how can you make a success of it so that you can quit your day job, and travel as much as you want, all the while earning a wage? Here are some ways to get success in this field.

Choose Your Passion

In order to work for yourself and be doing something all of the time, you need to be passionate about it. You might see many influencers and bloggers out there traveling and going on sponsored trip after sponsored trip, but it won’t be for everyone. Would you rather write for publications or go down a journalism route? Is web design more your thing, or perhaps creating a sales business of your own? Choose your passion and then explore the money making aspects from there.

Improve Your Knowledge

These days you don’t necessarily need a formal qualification in something to be good at it. How many professional photographers actually have any kind of photography qualification? Probably less than you would think. Something like that is all about skill and practice, with a bit of trial and error here and there. Some new knowledge can be a good thing, though, especially if you want to expand your offering as a freelancer. Things like HTML and CSS training can expand your horizons if you’re a blogger, for example. Not only can your site be looking its best, but you could offer blog design services too. So once you’ve chosen the path you want to go down, think about how you can make it work for you even more.

Find a Mentor

Do you know someone that is currently living the digital nomad life that you want to emulate? If you have a personal connection, then get in touch and ask them all of the questions that you have. If it is someone that you have perhaps followed on social media, then it can still be a good idea to reach out and ask them a few questions. How have they been able to make this their life? Of course, hard work will be on top of the list. But there will be some practical things that you can take away, to start living this as a dream of your own.

Life as a digital nomad isn’t going to be for everyone. But if you have the determination to make it happen, then it can be a great way to enjoy life and earn money. It could be for a couple of years; it could be forever.

Have you considered becoming a digital nomad? What steps are you taking to make that dream come true? Tell me in the comments below.


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Digital Nomad Life: How to Combine Work & Travel