So last year, around my birthday, I decided to embrace all things natural. I decided to say goodbye to chemically treated, flat-ironed straight hair and hello to my naturally curly hair. The decision was not easy but it had to be done.

After some research, I came across DevaCurl which is essentially a cutting technique meant for curly hair. I wonder why I didn’t come to know about it sooner. The next step was to find a good salon that specializes in the DevaCurl technique. I made an appointment at Dear Clark in Uptown Dallas. I really loved my overall experience at the Dear Clark Salon. During my visit, I learned that the DevaCurl products (I have linked these products at the end of the post) are just as important as the haircut itself.  They are hair products that are specifically made for curly hair, which help keep your hair healthy and your curls looking their best at all times. Although it may not seem like it, sixty-five percent of women have naturally curly hair. I know your thinking “What!? No! But I never see that many people walk around with curly hair!” I guess most people straighten their hair on a daily basis. I know I did for more than 10 years! Hopefully this post will help other curly girls manage their gorgeous ringlets so they will be confident enough to stop straightening and start flaunting their gorgeous natural hair!

A big factor that played into my new found love of my hair, was the way I use hair products. Here is a general rundown of my daily hair regimen:

1. SHAMPOO with DEVACURL NO-POO. The whole philosophy is that you aren’t shampooing your hair, but rather, you are cleansing your scalp. I put the No-Poo on the tips of my fingers and massage the No-Poo into my scalp. I rigorously massage my scalp and then when I rinse it out, I let the no-poo run through my hair to give it a light cleanse as well. As you rinse out the No-Poo, you are supposed to cup your hair with your hands at the base of your scalp (l’m guessing this is to prevent your curls from getting “stretched out” by the weight of the water).


2. CONDITION with DEVACURL ONE CONDITION. As the Devachan “way” dictates  NO combing– ONLY finger combing, I have found that the conditioner is useful to detangle my hair. I apply the conditioner to only the bottom 6 inches of my hair and then run my fingers through the length of my hair to detangle it. I then rinse it out after letting it sit in my hair for 2-3 minutes. I give it a quick and thorough rinse. It is suggested that for certain types of curls you don’t even need to rinse at all (or rinse just barely) and you can use it as a “leave-in” conditioner.  I’ve tried many different ways and my hair looks best when I rinse out a majority of the conditioner. I then flip my head upside down and do a very gentle finger comb through my hair.


3. STYLE with DEVACURL SUPERCREAM COCONUT CURL STYLER. While my hair is still flipped upside down and sopping wet, I cup my hair in my hands and scrunch in an upwards motion toward my scalp to remove some of the water. Then, while it is still fairly wet, I put two to three pumps of cream (evenly-distributed) in my hands, and glide the cream over  the front and back side of my hair. I then continue to scrunch in an upward motion- sometimes even applying more cream by scrunching it up into my hair. If you think you’ve creamed and scrunched too much, you should probably cream and scrunch a little more and THEN stop.


4. DRY. Using a microfiber towel or just a plain old t-shirt, scrunch your hair to get the excess moisture out. I pretty much keep scrunching until it is to the point where it won’t get my clothes wet when I get dressed. I then flip my head back up, position and arrange my curls so that they fall nicely and then scrunch just a tad bit more. I then run a bit of coconut oil over the top layer of hair to prevent the dreaded “frizz halo.” And that’s it. Although it sounds like tons of work, it actually goes pretty fast once you get into a routine. I just use a t-shirt for drying my hair but you could use this if you like:


5. CURL REFRESH. Unfortunately, unlike a blowout, curly hair really only looks good for one day and then its time to rewash and restyle. However, I’ve found that I can revive my curls, by getting my hair wet with a spray bottle and then scrunching my hair. I then add the styling cream to my hands and then scrunch some more. I trade off between water and cream until my curls are damp and then I let my hair re-dry. This method has proven to be effective in giving my hair the “just washed look” and I can achieve it without access to a shower.


That’s it guys! I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know if you have tried these products and what you thought and if you have any secrets for gorgeous curly hair.

DevaCurl No-Poo Shampoo

DevaCurl One Condition Conditioner

DevaCurl Supercream Coconut Cream Styler

DevaCurl Deva Towel

Spray Bottle

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