Hello, all you lovely people out there! This is the first time I’m posting my swimwear pictures online. Honestly, I’ve been a little nervous about putting this out into the blog-o-sphere, but that changes today.

Since this is a swimwear post, I’d like to talk about body image today. No one is perfect and we all have insecurities. I urge you to be a little kind on yourself and those around you and speak positively about yourself and others. View imperfections as special traits that make someone unique and beautiful. It is important to learn to love yourself and others, inside and out.

Today’s Instagram culture can put tremendous pressure to look perfect. This should not define you. We need to stop comparing ourselves to the airbrushed models/influencers we follow. It can suck the happiness right out of you and it isn’t reality. After all, life is not all about filters. It is about who you are inside. You are a beautiful version of YOU. Believe that.

In my own self-development process, body image has been a big thing for me to face. For the longest time, I was unhappy with how skinny I was. Recently, with a slowing metabolism that comes with age, I’ve been a little too fussy about a not-so-flat-anymore stomach. In my own self-realization, I’m working on this part of me to end the self-scrutiny, the self-hatred, and replace it with appreciation and love for my body and only striving for a healthy body.

Large hips, small hips, large breasts, small breasts, skinny or curvy, tall or short, light or dark skinned, clear skinned or pimpled, abled or disabled, we are all beautiful in our individuality. We are alive! We are bearers of life! We are women – creatures of love, creativity, fire and light. Remember that you are so much more than what you are told to be and look like.

You have spent enough time at war with yourself. You are worthy as you are. Exactly as you are. Your bodies are ALL beautiful!

Confidence and positivity are important no matter your shape or size. And so is a great swimsuit. So wear it with a smile!



Swim Top – PakPak // Swim Bottom – PakPak // Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

If you’d like to share your thoughts or experiences dealing with your own body image or how you turned body positive, do leave me a comment or write to me at [email protected].