If you’re reading this, I wish you to know that I empathize and understand the troubles we have all gone through dealing with the recent pandemic and associated lockdown. However, when the time comes that we can all meet one another and celebrate again, we will be bound to enjoy our time even more, and realize that we can never take it for granted.

In fact, this wonderful new realization is often helped when planning something special. This gives us an event to save up for and look forward to, which can be important and welcomed after an ordeal of this size.

But how can we make sure that the mood is right, and that we select an experience we can enjoy with those closest to us? In this post, I’m highlighting a few wonderful experiences you can have, or maybe even help you push the boundaries a little bit. After all, I’m certain that this recent experience will have convinced you to push beyond your comfort zone a little bit and never take life for granted:

Getting Back to Nature

It can be nice to return back to nature as your first experience able to exit lockdown and chart an adventure for your family. For instance, you may wish to head to the Smoky Mountain campgrounds for a range of activities in serene surroundings, or perhaps plan a nature trail or hike you have been wanting to get back to.

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Nature is a wonderful environment to return to should you need it, because it can be restorative and comfortable, and help melt your worries away. Additionally, after so many months cooped up inside, it can be nice to head somewhere where the skies are near endless and the way of life is much slower. If you hope to embark on certain activities such as canoeing, cycling or even just quietly fishing, you can begin planning that now. When you’re surrounded by greenery in the midst of summer, you’re sure to enjoy that faint smile on your lips.

Treating Yourself to Luxury

It can also be thoroughly worthwhile to treat yourself from time to time. Never think this is an unwanted or unnecessary indulgence. Luxury can mean different things to different people. For some it might mean staying a few nights at a high-tier hotel with your partner, or heading to a spa, or eating in a fantastic restaurant when those begin to open up more prominently. However, treating yourself to luxury needn’t be this way exactly. Planning a safari for next year might count, or deciding to see a wonder of the world such as Petra in Jordan. Whatever you can treat yourself or your family to is usually a good choice. Never be afraid to follow your ambitions in this regard, they can be thoroughly enjoyable.

An Impromptu Adventure

Following an impromptu adventure can also be a worthwhile use of your time. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do something with your family but haven’t quite found the time. Maybe you’re alone and wish to finally use this opportunity to solo travel. Perhaps a friend is interested in heading on a road trip with you, and you’re more than interested in joining them and traveling across the wonderful geography of the country you call hope.

You can live this adventure as if you’re the hero in your own movie. Taking the time to relax and enjoy it at your own pace is also possible, you needn’t feel obliged to move forward too fast or without anything driving you forward. Jotting down a few ideas that relate to you can help you come to your decision, and move forward with motivation.

Connection, Connection, Connection

Once again connecting with those important to you can be a valuable means of starting a new chapter. Perhaps you wish to take your girlfriend or boyfriend out into the world for your first travel experience together, sparing no expense this time. Maybe you’re more interested in meeting up with your family members that you’ve only been able to speak to on the phone or through video calls, gaining and giving that well-needed hug we could all do with.

Seeing the world is well and good, but it can also be wonderful to make new memories with those you love and appreciate. If you do that, you have truly returned to normality.

With this post, I hope you feel motivated and inspired to prepare for your return to the outside world.

What are you planning on doing once things are normal and we can all go back outside safely?

Which is the first destination on your mind?