Nowadays, a lot of people are veering towards cheaper holiday ideas such as backpacking and taking a ride through countryside destinations instead of big cities. This is often because people want to save money and they believe that embracing the countryside is far better to soak in all the sights and cultures of the world. However, visiting the city is still a fantastic choice, even if the purpose of your trip is to see the sights and cultures of a country.

1. It’s much easier to get around when you’re in the city

When you visit countries like Japan or Spain, it’s usually much easier to get around when you’re in large tourist cities. There’s public transportation, there’s usually plenty of signs in English and you have far more help. Of course, you’ll need to insure yourself and look out for thieves and scammers, but there’s no denying that it’s far easier to get around a city when you know the language. People are often more accommodating to tourists as well in cities, even if they do rip you off sometimes and charge too much money. As long as you’re aware of scams in the city and you’re careful about your money, moving around and exploring can be just as easy.

2. Cities have plenty of things to do for the adventurous

People always talk about the countryside being the best place for adventure, but cities have far more entertainment to get involved with. Whether it’s museums, art, cinema, clubs or food, there’s a huge choice of things to do. You could see Go Visit NYC for ideas if you’re visiting New York, you could look at YouTube videos to see all the wonderful sights and attractions in Japan, or you could read blogs to see where all the greatest places to eat are in South Africa. There’s plenty to explore in cities and if you’re willing to explore, you’ll find that every day can be eventful instead of just relaxing and enjoying the countryside scenery.

3. There are more tourist attractions that you’ll know about

Visiting New York? You’ll know most of the attractions and landmarks if you’ve watched any movies or series set in the famous city. Are you going to visit London? Then you should know all about the Big Ben clock tower and the London Eye. If you’re visiting an area of the world that is heavily documented and there are plenty of articles and reviews written about them, then you’ll find that it’s very easy to get around and enjoy all of the sights and sounds instead of just exploring and hoping to run into something fun.

As you can see, visiting a well-known and populated city doesn’t have to be as stressful and overwhelming as you think. As long as you take it easy and do a bit of research beforehand, you’ll find that visiting a big city isn’t out of style just yet and can still be a wonderful holiday idea.