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Sometime around the end of 2016, I saw a documentary called Fed Up. WOW! It was eye opening. If you haven’t seen it, the documentary talks about the food industry today and how they pump sugar into everything we eat.  Most processed food has added sugars in order to make it taste better and get us even more addicted to it.  Now this wasn’t something that was completely shocking. I know that “low-fat” usually just means more sugar and chemicals, but I never took the time to actually read the labels of most things I was consuming.  Those protein bars I thought were so healthy contained about 20 chemicals I couldn’t pronounce and just because it had protein and fiber I thought it was great.  The movie also talks about how hard those foods are on our bodies to break down and that is why that belly fat hangs on for dear life.

It all seemed to just make sense that I should stop putting those chemicals in my body. So I thought why not give it a try. While randomly reading up on the internet, I came across the Whole30 program. Now, I’m not a big fan of taking up “diet” programs and thankfully, Whole30 wasn’t really one. The idea here was more about adopting healthy eating habits and changing your relationship with food. So I started my 2017 with the Whole30 and it has definitely helped me make better lifestyle choices in terms of what I eat or drink. Seven months down the line and I can confidently say that I have never felt this GREAT (I will do a separate post on my Whole30 experience and what I learned from it).

While we are talking about Whole30, let me also tell you that the one thing that helped me complete this program successfully and makes it easy for me to eat better is Thrive Market.  If you weren’t aware, Thrive Market is an online health food market that delivers everything from food to cleaning products, to beauty and beyond at discounted prices to its members.  I love it for pantry staples and their own Thrive Market brand of products are fabulous and inexpensive to boot.  Thrive Market has set out to make healthy food more affordable and with a small yearly subscription (like Costco), you have access to tons of great deals! I encourage you to sign up as a member because they have amazing products that cater to various dietary needs. I end up saving so much money through them!

So for my Whole30 and healthy food lovers alike, I put together a list of my favorite items from Thrive Market that are super clean and help me make some of my favorite meals.  Oh and did I mention that the package is usually delivered quickly, in a pretty box, and with a hand written thank you on the receipt? I can easily say Thrive Market is my favorite online grocery store!


  • ALMOND FLOUR is my favorite for everything from breading on my chicken fingers to fluffy pancakes


  • AVOCADO OIL – This is a fabulous cooking oil for high heat as the smoke point is all the way up at 500 degrees!  It has a super subtle flavor too which makes it great for all types of food!



  • TUNA – I love myself some tuna and Safe Catch is by far the best brand you can find

HEMP HEARTS: I absolutely love hemp hearts. I think I put them on almost everything I eat from stir fry to avocado toast. They always add a good flavor and nutrients. This brand is a phenomenal deal, tastes fresh and is a constant staple in my pantry.

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