When you’re someone that loves to travel, it’s often all you can think about. As soon as you get back from one trip, you’ll be ready to book the next. You enjoy your travels so much that you want to squeeze more and more in whenever you can. But it’s safe to say that this can be a little tough on the wallet. When you’re trying to pack in as many vacations as possible, you’ll often find that you’re limited by what you can afford. But when you want to travel, money should never hold you back. Of course, if you don’t have any extra, then it is going to be an issue. But it’s important for you to realize that you can always work to get more money in place for your travels. So let’s consider what funding options you may have.

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Start An Online Shop

First of all, you could launch a small online business. If you’d love to be able to earn more money in your spare time, then this is going to be the perfect solution. It can be incredibly easy to set up an e-commerce website, or simply open a shop on platforms like Etsy or Amazon instead. If there’s a particular product or topic that you love, then why not sell products based on that? It can be a bit of a hobby of yours, as well as a small business. But the best part is that it will bring in that extra money you need to book more travels.

Take Up Part-Time Jobs

If you want to be able to earn a little extra each month and you have some spare time, then why not work in the evenings? There are lots of part-time jobs that you could consider taking up. If you already work full-time but you don’t mind sparing a couple of hours each week, this top-up of cash could be what finances your trips for the rest of the year.

Reduce Your Expenditure

A really quick win here is to reduce the amount that you spend. If you know that you spend 80% of your monthly salary, then why not try and cut that down to 50%? This may sound tough, but if you really want to free up that money, you will find ways of doing it. Make the sacrifices necessary to help you to spend more on travel.

Find Funding

Next, you’ve also got the option to look into different funding sources. If you want to do something special, for instance, invest in a boat, then looking into the best boat loan rates or figures based on specific prices can help you. Don’t rule out specialist routes if there’s something you’re trying to finance in particular.

Sell Your Stuff

Finally, you could also sell the things that you own too. If you know that you want to go on a trip of a lifetime, then sell your car, old clothes, furniture that you don’t need, or even sell your house! Of course, you will have to make this choice based on your own lifestyle and priorities, but the option is always there.

There you have it amigos! If you really want to travel, you CAN make it happen with a little effort and some lifestyle changes. What are some of the things you’ve done to fund your travels? Tell me in the comments below!