If you’ve been reading Girl-in-Chief, you have probably witnessed some serious swooning over our first ever cruise holiday that we went on this summer. We’re convinced that cruises provide the perfect break – stunning vistas, exotic destinations, scrumptious food, and rooms with perfect views. Seriously, who can argue with a room that looks into the endless sea?


Our cabin on Carnival Freedom

It’s been a week since we came back from our Caribbean Cruise and I wanted to jump on and share with you some of the incredible things we ate on our Carnival Cruise. We had such a blast on our cruise and we can’t wait to sail again. In fact, we’re eyeing an Alaska cruise at the minute. Take me away! ????

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you would know that there is a LOT of food. At any given time during the day or night you can just sit down for a meal, whether you’re hungry or not. It’s crazy and it’s fun! Food is definitely one of the highlights of a cruise holiday and an important one for us. We really enjoyed the variety of dishes because we got to experience things we don’t routinely cook at home. So I thought I’ll put together a photo-essay of the dishes we loved on our Carnival cruise. Bon appetit!

Ship lighting isn’t exactly ideal –especially at dinner time– so keep that in mind as you scroll through the pictures. 

Let’s begin by setting the stage for gourmet excellence. Here are some of the appetizers we had.


Button mushrooms stuffed with spinach and cheese, baked to perfection in a cheesy tomato sauce


Caprese Salad

On-to the main course.


Dinner time in the formal dining room on Carnival Freedom


Broiled Maine lobster tail and toasted orzo with shrimp, broccoli, citrus gremolata


Featured vegetarian meal. We both ordered one of this on separate nights because we wanted to see how an Indian meal tasted on an American cruise ship. Let me tell you this – I haven’t had this delicious Indian food even here in Dallas. On the last night we came to know that Carnival Freedom’s Executive Chef is Indian and that justified the yummy food. ????


Ricotta ravioli

The best part of the meal? The desserts of course!


Carnival’s melting chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream – I had this for dessert every single night we ate in the formal dining room


Oven roasted apple in spiced up orange juice – heavenly!

Other things we absolutely loved were:

The burgers at Guy’s Burger Joint


Hot dog with the best chili ever from the Deli


Tasty taco bowl from the Blue Iguana Cantina on Carnival Freedom


And I had a big bowl of this for breakfast everyday.


Peaches in sweet fruit preserve

Which is your favorite dish of the lot?

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best things I ate on my Carnival Cruise-girlinchief